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+++ last actualized 03/25/2015 +++

I must move the warehouse, until the end of this move the shop is closed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hint: Our Products are used and pulled from devices if not stated otherwise in the item description. Our Tubes are tested for function and good emission no Tube with an emission under 80% leaves our shop. The Function of the Tubes is guaranteed, if you get a bad one, we give you another, or the money back. Exeptions from this rules are explicitly stated in the item decripions.

Ball- and Roller Bearings are unused stock from the local Industry, missing Manufacturer Infos will be actualized next time.

A word about Tube brands:
If we state that a tubes comes fom TUNG-SOL, that tube is made in the USA from TUNG-SOL and not somewhere in the area of the former Soviet Union where all TUNG-SOLs came from this days.
Relabeling was a very common practice even in the fifties so in some cases even we don't know where at tube came from..
Most of our Tubes are either unused military Stock or pulled from military avionics or other devices from the german Army. They often have the falcon logo on them.

You can pay with an Bank transfer, or Paypal.
We don't support Credit cards anymore.

While shopping you get all informations about payments and shipping costs.

For Orders below 15,00 Euros we add a handling fee of 5,00 Euros.

Hint about orders and payments:
Please note the "Transfer-Bestellnummer" from the mail that your get from our shop system, it doesn't help much if we get payments from "John Doe" for 4x6x4...

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Ihr MT-Team

If you have questions please mail to Military-Tubes

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